Packaging and Reducing your carbon footprint

Sometime when I have finished my ceramic work and am preparing for a show of small objects, I start to search for old boxes to recycle which I can source from friends and family to make custom fitting boxes for my wares. some might think that it is a waste of time, but personally I prefer to re-use and re-purpose cardboard boxes to make custom, low tech packaging for my ceramics in order to store them properly and moving them to and from shows. It reduces my carbon footprint for things that otherwise would go to the landfill. ┬áthink about it. Making patterns for custom boxes is relatively simple. Allow about an inch to width,length and height then cut, score and tape together. (above ) A picture of part of the display of my first show in the US since returning stateside, where I use the packaging to form different cardboard pedestals for my work in order to create more separate space so customers or potential buyers can concentrate on each piece while searching for the right piece to buy. ┬áThe show went well, although tiring to set up and sell. I made some new acquaintances and was able to greet some of my friends and fellow potters. As an artist community, we all need to support each other regardless the medium or style…. Mutual creative input help the artistic network to grow stronger as a community by providing handmade poetic pieces for this industrial world.