Drawing with a sewing machine

Once again, I am back and as a start for the 2016 blog series, I have been convinced by my followers to use CAPITAL letters so that my blog entries are easier to read. It is a bit difficult for me because the notions that I have in my head,seem to travel faster than minor details, but if I must , I will begin this blog on which this curious path that my drawing has taken me. To draw with a sewing machine? The use of this obsolete device, of sorts, has me trying new and venture out in a new way to draw and sketch with a continuous line or stitch. I begin to transform an idea in my head onto the flat pieces of materials.Next,further transforming them into 3D by padding and filling then further embellishment by the use of embroidering and using several mixed media techniques to further embellish the 3d drawn object, which you can see  in the picture (above). I am having a blast! needless to say with the needlework, as yet another exploration of using my DRAWING talents in new and un-chartered territories of illustration and design. Yes, a bit crafty, you might think, but it does have its appeal. I made this piece,” Icarus Modern Birdman” for a show at a small gallery where I wanted to tweak my talents by NOT using ceramics and utilizing another medium of the work. Mixed reactions from the show, but ,this is something that I am seriously considering to explore more in depth. As Artisans, we all need to explore other mediums to better expand our horizons of creativity. I , myself get bored very rapidly and am always searching for ways to spark my interests by learning new ways of artistic expression. I hope that I have succeeded in this endeavor which I find fun and not just another fiber arts project, Hope you enjoy it….. All for now 

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