OCD: obsessive compulsive drawing

Sometimes when decorating a piece and not really in the mood , or the hand just isn’t right I sit back and imagine if the piece i am making is something that I would keep and not sell and this gets me into my o.c.d. mode of obsessive compulsive drawing and decorating on pieces which I would otherwise put aside. I imagine that  it is better to over work and decorate a pieces with details that I can only see that maybe others might not really pay attention to. Details sometime, so minute and meticulous , that my eyes get tired and I have to take a walk away from the piece to re-focus and rest for a few minutes.  Case in point, is the photo of the teapot which I am working on (above). My main intent was for it to be a show stopper and make patrons and potters alike, look at it and be in awe of the amount of detail work going into this piece. my creative O.C.D. helps me bring out the best of efforts for my creative endeavors and make my following realize that yes, I actually paint these piece one by one and no, I do not make many of them,  in the standards of other potters, but my aim is to give a higher quality of works of illustration and handmade ceramics  fusion of creative energy that sets my work apart from the rest. I often find myself in asking a price per minute for these endeavors and know that this is a continual and constant thought in the minds of creative souls. What is all this work worth? Does the price point of a piece constitute the mores of working and maintaining ourselves from our art…… Profound thought on ideals and where we see ourselves in the niche of creatives  at home, online, in galleries, here and abroad…..Questions that I still ponder and cannot answer….. I know that there is a magnitude of mediocre everywhere and that the local artisans strive to make an imprint on the market by differentiating from many brands produced abroad mostly (PRC) which now seem all the same and undistinguished or ordinary from the mass market. My creative o.c.d.-ing will set apart from the pack of mediocre and strive the main point of my ceramics and illustrations: work that is well made by my hands and o.c.d.-ed by my decorating skills to leave a strong  reminder that yes , there are some of us out there can stand by the quality of our work and command the prices we want in order to continue to recreate….. What’s you view on this topic? Where do you see yourself fitting in?

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