Freedom of Style Choice While Creating

“Blackness” illustration -work in progress © copyright 2019

One of the first blog entries to blog after spending a lot of time thinking about the things which I want to discuss and write about. A new format helps give a fresh start to this series of blog entries and I wanted to address the need to diversify in your medium when presenting to the public and to your followers.

Too often when visiting galleries and other art venues, I come across what I call the “White Room ” installations of work in a gallery or art space where the work is put up in one line of viewing at eye level with one body of work that lacks a bit of creative presentation. When putting yourself out there to the Public and to create interest with your followers and your ability to attract new people to your work we need to show the different possibilities of our creativity, not just what is expected ……

The Art World is ever changing, and with the help of the internet and social media, people are more tuned in to an artists #WIP via his/her social media platform. In my own work , I show what I am working on so that the public and my followers can follow the process on the things that I am working on, and participate virtually as this process takes place.

When presenting your work, if it is the first time, solo or collective works, remember that it is important to give the Public something that they do not expect, A new twist or direction for your work, whatever your medium. As creative souls our focus needs to be on always “changing things up” allowing to meet the needs of the personal style that individualizes us, but also breaking the barriers of what is expected and trying out new styles, color variations or even new elements of creativity and see how the Public reacts, how new directions are received and most of all not painting yourself into a box. Where I work, there are many good artists that have worked for many years and have become successful. But as they age, the output of the creative work remains the same . They wonder why the do not sell and continue to produce the work that they have been doing for years….

Customers and art lovers that buy your work, most often buy the same thing twice, A retail mentality but a valid point to consider when making your art. Collectors look for the progression of your work not another variation of the same old thing. As the way we all live continues to change in concepts or lifestyles, We as Artisans, need to be aware of the Social changes by staying one step ahead of the game by understanding the new ways consumers and our followers live,how they live and the spaces that their personal collections of art LIVE in those spaces. If your objective is to sell your work, then ponder on what you have done and branch out in different directions. You might pick up more followers and get a whole new group of art enthusiasts. It might not work for everyone, but we the need to continually challenge and re-invent ourselves by making new work with this in mind. What the next inventive twist or style will I take… Till next time. The Horny Potter

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