Creativity &the New Normal

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Since my last entry and still today , many artists and creative professionals have had to adapt to the closures of business due to this pandemic. It is essential at this time, that we continue to create and find other methods to move our work online which is slowly becoming the new norm. Our Creative Community is one of the many places that due to lock downs & social distancing, We have to use this time to alter our game plans of ways to create in our spaces,if possible, and find new platforms on which to participate to let your followers, public and patrons can Be aware that “Yes” we are still hear, and the online presence is more important than before.

I work in one of the few artist community where, due to the Pandemic, Our studios, (usually open to the public) are still closed even though were are still able to work from our spaces and finding new ways to sell our work is imperative to pay rent and the bills just like everyone else. Some artists have closed up studios and look for a new place to work, others have been concentrating on opening online shops and revising their websites and most importantly, many have continued to apply to VIRTUAL shows to get a bit more traffic and interest in their work and exposure.

We have to realize that things will never be like it was before, and a return to a “New Normal” is going to take a longer time than most realize. Galleries,Museums and Art spaces all have to create a new way on how to do openings in a Safe and Social Distancing manner.

We have not experience this before, The Creative community needs to observe the other sectors that are also being effected by this crisis,Restaurants,Hotel&Travel Industries are all looking a new ways to serve the community while keeping everyone safe. We need to watch what is happening in those sectors and use the good ideas,that will effect all to our advantage.

Remember, we are all in this together. We need to help our fellow artists in their endeavors, regardless of their own personal choices. Share our thoughts when asked, and most importantly, Do not be scared to try new things in order to continue to making your art. It is so important to not get discouraged from all the isolation we have experienced in the past weeks. Share with your artists community and support them in any way that you can. Be nice, but also be open to change. It might not feel comfortable but it is necessary.

I would love to have some feedback or links to creative ways that are out there or that you have tried or experienced. Till the next time , Be calm, take a deep breath and continue to create.


Creativity in Times of Pandemic

SINCE the last time I had the time to sit down and write in this blog, I find myself like many others in self-isolation and practicing social distance from others. Like many other creative people, my livelihood has come to a standstill which many of you are experiencing some of the same things in this moment as well….What to do?

We need to keep ourselves in check, look at options and alternatives for our creativity and source of income in times of crisis. My daily routine now consists of deciding on whether to go to the studio which is closed to the public, or remain within these 4 walls to create something and make alternative plans on how to move my work more online by studying those that already have an online presence and sell online. Looking at competition that have similar product and look at the different ways these individuals have set up shops, and the different ways they try to move their creative products thru online sales and social media.

We are the first to feel the crunch and downward turn to sales online and off. But I think that it is essential that WE, as a creative community can support each other even in small amounts of moral and financial support of our community, patrons and supporters. My main focus until now has to be online through social media to provide an idea of my work process, day to day progress and creating a space for myself that before was not there.

Important is to start to create and grow an online presence whether social media, online store or art network. Whatever stage each of you are, beginning to focus more on the digital world of art is essential to create and produce and experience with new ways of moving your creativity and sharing it within the creative community.

Many of you can be cynical or scared about having your ideas of artistic expression stolen or copied. I use to think like that also….. My frame of mind has changed after I came to certain conclusions and facts about commerce and online presence: There will always be some other maker that is better than you,more successful than you, or sells more than you do. Well, stop comparing yourself to those people that have similar expressions of creativity as yours, Use these creators as inspiration and not competition. We each will move ahead at our own pace, some faster than others. The experiences will be different and what we should take from this is that it is IMPORTANT to share our online/offline experiences with others in order to make the artistic community stronger by sharing info and your experiences…

The ego of the artists, makers and creatives is the first thing that kills creativity. We, as individuals are all different and we need to learn about our limitations and work on them.

Most artists are not good business people. Learn how to hone in on the all around skills and make them better. Learn to be professional online as well as off. The sooner you start, the better and more control you will have over the financial success of your creative endeavors online and off line .

The common law of no loss/no gain rings true especially in a moment as this pandemic. I hope that many of you dwell on the things that I have just written, and consider them when you feel that you are ready to commit. We all have our priorities at the moment, but the creative output online should also become a priority when you have the time to think and research it. ALL at your own pace. Be well and hoping that my next entry will be sooner than you expect….

Solo Show and Artist Talks Information

Le Mer_platter 2019

For all those of you that I promised to give information on my upcoming solo show exhibition , Here is all the important information on the Show which I am doing in collaboration with the IA&A at Hillyer Art Space:

Opening : May 3rd, 2019 at Hillyer Art Space ,9 Hillyer Court NW ,Washington DC 20008 from 6:30pm – 10pm

Artist Talk: May 8th, 2019 at at Hillyer Art Space ,9 Hillyer Court NW , Washington DC zip 20008 from 6:30pm- 8 pm.

I have been working on this show for several months and hope that the fatigue that it has caused me pays off. I am doing the Solo exhibitions , part of Hillyer’s RISE 2019 with 2 other artists, Eric Uhlir and Pietro Ruffo in other rooms in the gallery. For more information please go to : – upcoming exhibitions for times and more information on the three solo shows that evening.

Freedom of Style Choice While Creating

“Blackness” illustration -work in progress © copyright 2019

One of the first blog entries to blog after spending a lot of time thinking about the things which I want to discuss and write about. A new format helps give a fresh start to this series of blog entries and I wanted to address the need to diversify in your medium when presenting to the public and to your followers.

Too often when visiting galleries and other art venues, I come across what I call the “White Room ” installations of work in a gallery or art space where the work is put up in one line of viewing at eye level with one body of work that lacks a bit of creative presentation. When putting yourself out there to the Public and to create interest with your followers and your ability to attract new people to your work we need to show the different possibilities of our creativity, not just what is expected ……

The Art World is ever changing, and with the help of the internet and social media, people are more tuned in to an artists #WIP via his/her social media platform. In my own work , I show what I am working on so that the public and my followers can follow the process on the things that I am working on, and participate virtually as this process takes place.

When presenting your work, if it is the first time, solo or collective works, remember that it is important to give the Public something that they do not expect, A new twist or direction for your work, whatever your medium. As creative souls our focus needs to be on always “changing things up” allowing to meet the needs of the personal style that individualizes us, but also breaking the barriers of what is expected and trying out new styles, color variations or even new elements of creativity and see how the Public reacts, how new directions are received and most of all not painting yourself into a box. Where I work, there are many good artists that have worked for many years and have become successful. But as they age, the output of the creative work remains the same . They wonder why the do not sell and continue to produce the work that they have been doing for years….

Customers and art lovers that buy your work, most often buy the same thing twice, A retail mentality but a valid point to consider when making your art. Collectors look for the progression of your work not another variation of the same old thing. As the way we all live continues to change in concepts or lifestyles, We as Artisans, need to be aware of the Social changes by staying one step ahead of the game by understanding the new ways consumers and our followers live,how they live and the spaces that their personal collections of art LIVE in those spaces. If your objective is to sell your work, then ponder on what you have done and branch out in different directions. You might pick up more followers and get a whole new group of art enthusiasts. It might not work for everyone, but we the need to continually challenge and re-invent ourselves by making new work with this in mind. What the next inventive twist or style will I take… Till next time. The Horny Potter

New Year, New Domain

The first official blog on


Asking all my previous followers on to follow me on my new website:

As the business grew and the blog got more followers, change was imminent so that I could have more control over the “new” website (, it’s content and the hopes that many of you will follow me under the new domain name. Life in the studio has been busy with a lot of new work underway for my first solo show in mid-2019 and my time blogging has been put on hold until now.

I want to thank my techie/assistant for helping me get this online and even though I need to tweak here and there, I am back to blog about my process and to help other creative spirits start a conversation, exchange ideas, and relate what happens to me in this creative community of artists .

Thank you for your interest in formerly

the horny potter