After NCECA,Getting Back To The Blog

Too much time has passed in the last year to keep up online to keep you all up to date with the goings on in my studio and am just getting back from doing a collective show from the NCECA Clay Conference in Cincinnati ,OH with other talented ceramic artists in a show Called”OBSCENE” which was in a funky gallery space, @The Carl Solway Gallery.

This was my first adventure off line and into the mix of physical shows where the organization, shipping, manning the show were all part of another way of “self- promotion” in order to get your work noticed and way to network with many other talented potters who share the same purpose to strengthen the ceramic community.

I am truly grateful to the organizers of this spectacular show for this opportunity to showcase my work at my first ceramic clay conference. It is always a crap shoot when deciding which shows or events are ideal for the placement of your work, and sometimes the risks do not always pay off. It is a better bet to “always” search out the locations, other participants who might be more well established before deciding if that or this is their right venue for work.

The quality of your work and that of others needs to be determining factor when you are decision making. The world of Art in general and shows is shifting as of late, and we see that due to social media, the way creative work is being discovered along with other unknown talents is partly due to the fact that the “online reality” has taken hold and now is an integral part for the creative community and an element to learn how to use to get your work outside of your comfort zone and into the creative community’s sphere of on and off- line events.

These shows do come with costs, shipping entrance fees, accommodations, travel expenses and much more are part of these types of adventure. And remember that no one works for nothing ,and eventual percentages should always go to the organizers, who risk the most for these types of pop-up shows.

Shows of this type are aways a great way to contact and network with other creatives, who you might until now follow online and have never met in person. It was great to hook up with fellow potters and ask technical questions on their work processes. I was amazed at some of the work in the show by Jason Briggs and Jamie Bates Slone.

In the end this w as a learning experience, a big learning curve on how to promote and connections for the future, we are all invested in positive experiences and also sales of our work. Hopefully this will be the start of new adventures in many new directions for me and the other potters in the show.

Go online and check out NCECA 2023 and Obscene Show at the Carl Solway Gallery to see images of the work presented and the talented artist that took part in this event,

All for now,


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