Niche Market or Safe Art?

I am always surprised by the reactions to some of the my work when meeting new people in my studio , or more recently at a collective show at the last Ceramic clay conference in Cincinnati just recently, It was interesting to observe a wide range of visitors , many art student, convention organizers, and most importantly other artists and VIP collectors.

Part of doing a collective show, is that sometimes due to budget, participants are asked to man part of the exhibition, to help out and also gives one the opportunity to talk about their work and of others in the collective, It was very interesting to see how my work was perceived by this wide range of viewers and ceramic enthusiasts. This lead me to the follow thoughts: Is it better to dedicate work to a niche market or other more conservative venues to market your work?

This is a personal choice, of course, this also depends on the type of work that you are doing, the network (social media, brick& mortar galleries, or other art groups and associations…But as I continue as a mid-career artist that specializes in erotica, I am getting the feeling that”for myself’‘, the niche market is the route that I am choosing versus other more mundane or “safe” art venues.

What is the objective of Niche markets? As the diversity issue is becoming a political platform on different topics from sexuality, gun reform, Abortion and many others, focusing on smaller groups to market your work. One, depending on the quality of the work and Two, how it is put out into the market(online shop,social media, street fairs, gallery shows) and how to reach those niche customers and enthusiasts. These all come with costs to invest and there is no guarantees that you will profit from some of these endeavors.

The best advice to those that want to attract a niche audience are quite simple:

-search out products similar to the ones you want to propose online

-see how they are sold and through what platforms

-where they are showcased ( galleries, pop-ups, street fairs, online)

With this kind of basic information of competition, all available by searching the web, this will give you the idea of what is on the current market, sometimes with price points and shipping, and location.

Please remember, Do NOT approach venues that already have similar products, no one needs copies or versions of work made by different artisans. These structures do a lot of work in selecting artist to represent, they see the best and also mediocre. So keep this in mind.

Gathering the information is important so that you do not go about this without some indication of the competition. Know your market of consumers and HOW to get your work out to this market. For everyone, it will be a different experience. Let me know what works for you….

Think about it, until next time…..peace out, thehornypotter

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